Rapid Response Solution For
Hospital Critical Care Capacity Expansion

About Mission1000Beds

YouWeCan Foundation is rapidly scaling up the COVID-19 critical care capacity of hospitals located in some of the most affected areas of the country by setting up 1000 COVID-19 Critical Care Beds having 50% BiPAP enabled, 10% Ventilator enabled beds and other essential equipment for the critical care of COVID-19 patients.

Join Yuvi and make a difference!

Impact Metric

Project Output


Critical Care Beds


Oxygen Cylinders


BiPAP Machines



Project Outcome




Patients will benefit each month



Patients will benefit over 10 years

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Our Partners

- Project Steering Committee -

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh Group

Shabnam Singh

Yuvraj Singh Group

Jitten Veer Bhasin

Group CEO
Yuvraj Singh Group

Shabir Momin

OneDigital Entertainment

Poonam Nanda

Founding Member & Mentor
YouWeCan Foundation

Manik Jhingon

CEO and Founder
Communication Solutions

Srichandana Nagoji

Program Manager, Philanthropy APAC Salesforce

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha

General Secretary
ATTAC Society

Amitesh Shah

Group COO
Yuvraj Singh Group

Aneesh Gautam

Vice President Yuvraj Singh Group

Sharat Bhattatiripad

Head of content
Fever 104 FM

Gurpreet Singh

Founder & COO OneDigital Entertainment