1000 Additional Covid-19 Critical Care Beds To Urgently Scaleup Capacity of Hospitals Across Delhi

About YouWeCan

The YouWeCan Foundation (registered as Yuvraj Singh Foundation) is a non-profit organization established by cricketer and cancer survivor Yuvraj Singh, after recovering from cancer.

Over the past 8 years, the organization has worked extensively in the healthcare sector with a focus on cancer care in India, impacting over 350,000 people through its various cancer initiatives.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the organization diverted its resources in March & April 2020 towards creating awareness about COVID-19 and distributing over 1 million hygiene kits to over 14 states across the country.

Currently we are working towards rapidly scaling up the critical care hospital capacity in Delhi NCR with a vision to expand to other parts of the country in Phase 2 and 3.

We also worked closely with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, UNICEF & WHO on running multiple COVID-19 awareness campaigns throughout the year.


We intend to rapidly scale up the critical care hospital capacity in Delhi by setting up 1000 additional oxygenated beds having 50% BiPAP & 10% Ventilator enabled beds for the critical care of COVID-19 patients in the next 15 - 45 days, thereby increasing the total number of oxygenated beds in Delhi by 5.3%.

Key Developments

These beds will be setup in 10-20 different hospitals across Delhi NCR, with the goal of urgently scaling up the existing capacity of each of the selected hospitals by up to 10%, as such an increase can be managed by existing manpower and resources.

Our role will be limited to setting up oxygenated beds and other essential equipment. The facility will be operated and administered by the hospitals.

We intend to setup 10 – 20 such facilities.

1000 Additional oxygenated beds

50% BiPAP enabled beds for the critical care

10% Ventilator enabled beds for the critical care

10+ Years Of usable life of the hospital expansion plan

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Our Philosophy

Increase Beds

The total bed count of oxygen beds in Delhi is 18853, by adding 1000 beds we are increasing the capacity by 5.3%. Source : coronabeds.jantasamvad.org on Date 5th May

Decrease Load​

Decreasing the load on the existing system, as these new hospital beds can be operated from existing mechanism. With average time of roughly 5 days hospitalization per patient, we are looking at helping additional 6000 patients every month and 7,20,000 per year.

100 Beds

The cost for setting up one such facility of 100 oxygenated beds having 50% BiPAP & 10% Ventilator enabled bedsfor the critical care of COVID19 patients will be

Rs 2 Crores

Hospitals & Mode of Operation


Donation of Medical infrastructure to Army Hospitals

Government/ Charity

Donation of Medical infrastructure to Govt. Hospitals.

Private Hospital

Mandatory ‘donate back the profits’ model, to reinvested back in more beds with other Hospitals

Our Policies


YouWeCan will create a multi stakeholder steering committee with donor representation. A dashboard with daily financial and project updates will be made available to each stakeholder. Appropriate systems for risk oversight and internal controls will be put in place.


A multi-stakeholder compliance committee will ensure project deliverable compliance for use of resources, funds and timelines. Will oversee the reporting system based on defined parameters and ensure transparency.


Milestone based reporting will be made available to all stakeholder and will be published on the website. It will provide details on donors, fund utilization, status of procurement, location of deployment and progress of project.


Realtime milestone based status of project will be published on the website. A detailed project report will be made available to all stake holders, audited by an independent third party audit firm of good repute.