Mode of Operation with Private Hospitals

Medical Infrastructure

YouWeCan will donate the required infrastructure for setting up of the additional beds for COVID-19 now and convert later to cancer beds.


Hospital Management will be responsible for day to day operations, consumables & manpower.

Audits & Quality Checks

YouWeCan will be authorized for quality checks & audits to the hospitals in case of govt. hospitals

Instantly Operational

YouWeCan will make sure that the facility will be operational from the day of handover

What is Donate Back Model for Private Hospitals?


Govt. approved rate for Covid bed is Rs.10,000 for regular beds and Rs.18,000 for ventilator beds.


Cost of Capex to Hospital: Zero , Cost of Opex to Hospital (including 15% additional): Rs.6500 per bed estimated. Total Earning to hospital : 1,95,000 per bed per month from our beds.


Everything over and above is significant profits. So we take it back from them as mandatory donation for a period of 3 years, considering 35% depreciation per year.


We get donation of Rs.3500 per bed per day which makes to Rs.1,05,000 per bed per month. For a 100 bed we can get Rs.1.05 Cr which will be reinvested to create another close to 40 beds in just 30 days time, and in a little over 2.5 months we will be able to double the capacity from 100 beds to 200.


While we will make sure that the hospital donating back is the one who gets the first option of getting the further additional beds in same model till they exhaust their capacity, if they build more infrastructure within the period of 3 years, we can start giving them additional capacity again in the same model.


When the donating hospital runs out of space, we use the money for giving beds to other hospitals. We will use 30% of this donate back money to give capacity to government and free treatment hospitals with no mandatory donation, and 70% will be given to private hospitals so that the cycle keeps moving while it’s creating more and more capacity while it’s multiplying the numbers in the fastest way one can imagine

Only 30% of the over all capacity which is 300 will give 1500 beds in just one year. If 1000 beds treats 6000 patients a month then in 1 years we will do 72,000, while in Donate Back model same 1000 with 30% will make the beds 2500 and thus treat 2.5X more patients

How the Donor Will Make More Impact in this Model?

Donor’s Advantage: The donor creates an impact of 2-4 beds while denting only for 1 bed.

The model helps create additional capacity from the multiplier effect of the already donated beds, thus reducing the average cost of bed by 75%