Rapid Response Solution For
Hospital Critical Care Capacity Expansion

About Mission 1000 Beds

Rapid Response Solution for Hospital Critical Care Capacity Expansion

YouWeCan Foundation is rapidly scaling up the COVID-19 critical care capacity of hospitals located in some of the most affected areas of the country by setting up 1000 COVID-19 Critical Care Beds. This initiative will include:

  • 1000 additional critical care beds
  • 100% oxygenated beds
  • 50% BiPAP enabled beds
  • 10% Ventilator enabled beds
  • Other essential equipment for a COVID-19 critical care center


Impact Metric

Project Output


Critical Care Beds


Oxygen Cylinders


BiPAP Machines



Project Outcome




Patients will benefit each month



Patients will benefit over 10 years

Mode of Operation

Focus Areas

This initiative is focused on rapidly expanding hospital capacity at Government, Army, Charitable and other Hospitals.

Compliance & Reporting

YouWeCan will be authorized to conduct compliance checks and create reports on various parameters on regular cycles for each hospital post handover.

Scope of Operations

The scope of this project is limited to rapid capacity expansion through infrastructure scaling. Hospitals will be responsible for day-to-day operations, consumables & manpower.

Post COVID: 10 Year Plan

YouWeCan Foundation will work with Hospital partners, wherever possible to convert these beds into Oncology/ Cancer Wards, thereby addressing the 42% shortage of cancer beds in the country.

Cost Investment


The cost for setting up one such facility of 100 oxygenated beds having 50% BiPAP & 10% Ventilator enabled beds and other critical equipment for the critical care of COVID-19 patients is Rs. 2 crores.

100 Beds @ Rs 2 Crores